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One plan delivers everything

  • icon Database and storage

    We dont limit your storage allowance or charge you more for extra. A very generous fair usage policy applies but you wont ever hit it!

  • icon MyForms wizard

    Set up as many forms as you like in minutes. Its so simple to use you dont need training.

  • icon Easy management

    A simple interface lets you manage users, forms and groups in just a few clicks.

  • icon See all submitted forms in Inbox

    View and manage all incoming forms and attachments from users/groups in the Inbox.

  • icon Data at your fingertips

    Use the CSV and PDF to populate other systems to improve even more processes.

  • icon Support when you need it

    Our online interactive support, tutorials and knowledgebase give you answers quickly - and its included in the price!

  • icon All required licensing

    The naturalForms Enterprise app for iPad or Android tablets and the naturalForms Cloud service are both included.

Why naturalForms Cloud?

  • icon It's natural!

    Handwriting is so natural your users will love the option of writing normally on the screen on a replica of the old paper forms. As they write they can watch the writing magically and accurately convert to text. Of course they can use the on-screen keyboard too if they prefer.

  • icon It's easy!

    Our service was built from the ground up with ease of use as its foundations. No training needed and no IT overhead, log on and use it in just a few minutes.

  • icon It's valuable!

    For a low monthly cost naturalForms Cloud gives you immediate business benefit and return on your investment regardless of the size of your company. By making your paper electronic it provides you business data from handwritten forms within seconds.

  • icon It's simple!

    We don’t do packages - we just offer one all encompassing plan with everything included. No hidden extras, no disabled features, no storage calculations; one plan, one price.

  • icon It's informative!

    naturalForms Cloud is your paper forms on steroids! Now when you complete a form you can attach, combine and associate photos, GPS mapping and even voice recordings from the tablet with a particular form.

  • icon It's genius!

    naturalForms Cloud can be used to trigger other processes when forms arrive back in to the web site. For instance, PDFs can be archived to Document Management systems making it available across the entire organisation with no manual intervention.