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  • Like most businesses you probably have staff that fill in forms when out and about doing their work. Job sheets, service sheets, inspections, sales order forms, time sheets, enquiry, survey... the list goes on. Did you know that globally on average, 72% of these forms are sent or driven back to an office where they are retyped or scanned? Of course, thats assuming they actually make it back as most traditional methods such as fax, post or even driving them back can result in long delays and even lost forms and therefore lost revenue. What a waste of time and money!
  • Now there is a better way. A way that still uses the existing form layout, gets forms back to the office in seconds from anywhere in the world and that doesn't change the way staff work. Its low cost and so easy to use you don't need a training course either. How? Well quite simply the Word/PDF versions of your current paper forms are published to an iPad or Android based tablet - the same form, only without the paper! Users complete the form by typing or natural handwriting as they do now and handwriting is converted (if you wish) on the tablet as you write.
  • Options exist to add voice recordings, GPS coordinates, REAL signatures and photos before sending over the mobile phone network/wifi. Within 30 seconds the office receive a PDF version of the completed form along with attachments and signatures ready to action or file electronically. Imagine being able to invoice in seconds not days. Imagine easily evidencing work was done to comply to contracts/legislation. Imagine not filing or scanning paperwork and reducing the cost of your paper processes by up to 80%. You are imagining naturalForms Cloud.

Easy as 1,2,3.... 4!

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    First step

    Sign up and download

    Sign up to create your account and download the NaturalForms Enterprise app for your iPad and Android tablet device.

    If you like using naturalForms Cloud why not spread the word by using the invite feature in the users section to use naturalForms Cloud themselves.

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    Second step

    Set your forms up

    From any web browser on any computer upload your paper form in PDF format to our MyForms wizard to enrich it with input fields, drawing areas, drop downs and signature fields. Decide field by field on handwriting or keyboard entry, set up mandatory fields and enable media attachments, GPS location grab and much more.

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    Third step

    Complete and send your forms

    Write, sketch, and sign on the tablet version of the form as you would on the paper copy. Optionally, add photos, voice recordings, GPS coordinates and submit the form. No signal - no problem - naturalForms Cloud stores them until signal comes back.

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    Fourth step

    Receive the form in seconds

    The recipient(s) you setup initially can receive the professional looking PDF populated with the data and all attachments by email. All forms submitted can also be viewed in the “inbox” along with attachments and a map of where they were sent from, time and date stamped. So…. thats it! In around 5 minutes you’ve saved hours of wasted time forever!

  • Get a month for free


    Feel free to use naturalForms Cloud for a whole month with all functions and no restrictions on submissions or storage. We don't even need your credit card information!

  • Enrol people


    Signing up to naturalForms Cloud allows you to enrol other staff or business partners to join naturalForms Cloud and access your forms as either creators, writers or viewers if you want.

  • No restrictions


    Using our secure cloud service you can create, send, process and store as many forms as you like. No restrictions applied!


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    Jasper van Dijk Amsterdam / The Netherlands

    "I have improved my cash flow, customer satisfaction, reduced costs and motivated my staff - thank you naturalForms Cloud!"

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    Sue Quincey York / England

    "Childcare is heavily regulated and paper goes missing. naturalForms Cloud literally transformed my business."

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    Michael Freeman Chicago / USA

    "It used to take me 5 days to get paper work back and raise an invoice, now I do it all within 10 minutes of the work being done."

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    Emilie Ählström Norrköping / Sweden

    "naturalForms Cloud really simplifies and streamlines our work. It's also environmentally friendly since we avoid unnecessary paper copies."